Do your campaigns add value?

Reaching a customer or prospect one time isn’t enough. A process of multiple touches and utilizing multiple channels produces the most effective results. Immersive marketing is our integrated marketing approach to achieve maximum results using a multiple channel, multi touch process.

It Starts With The Creative

Our Team of experienced, inventive professionals strives to provide creativity in a variety of ways, from graphic design to building complete marketing campaigns. AM has been delivering communications for over 25 years, from concept to delivery.

We’re committed to creating unique and impactful packages designed to make your vision a reality with maximum effectiveness, results and within budget.

A Trusted Data Service Provider

Our secure data solutions create effective, targeted and profitable marketing messages designed to reach the right customers with the right message. Data is one of our core services. We know it drives your decisions. It’s integral to everything from print, direct mail, fulfillment and delivery. We can help with everything from data mining, cleansing, creating VDP programs, database management and enrichment to tracking. Measuring ROI and seeing improvements is the end goal. The use of clean, healthy and demographically accurate data will give you the opportunity to make informed choices and maximize deliverability.

Print is the Cornerstone to Success

Print is essential for solidifying your brand identity.

We understand the strength print adds to a campaign. Today’s print options are as diverse as your customers and prospects. We offer a wide array of print solutions from envelope printing and traditional offset to full color variable data printing and inline personalization all tailored to your specific needs.
Each project is uniquely designed to quickly deliver a quality feel with a brilliant look that’s sure to attract your ideal customers. As your solutions provider, we’re committed to making your print memorable. Print remains one of the most effective marketing mediums. Because it’s engaging, effective, tangible and versatile.

  • 70% of Americans prefer to read print and paper communications rather than reading off a screen.
    (Two Sides Survey)
  • 56% of consumers say print is the most trustworthy type of marketing. (Deluxe)
  • Print, especially in conjunction with direct mail, shares a symbiotic relationship with online marketing.
    (Pitney Bowes Study)

Direct Mail Marketing Success

Are you looking to grow your business, generate leads, increase membership or raise funds? Direct mail marketing is proven, cost effective and delivers the strongest ROI of any media. Cut through the clutter of TV, Radio and on line ads with one-to-one direct mail communication. Our direct mail solutions are designed to connect you with your customers and prospects.

Today almost 50% of all direct mail is personalized. Our data and print services integrate with our mail services to provide personalized direct mail solutions sure to get opened. Whether you have a postcard, letter, self-mailer or catalog our world class USPS certified customer care and production teams offer exceptional attention to detail and welcome the challenge of successfully delivering our partners’ unique, tangible package into your targets hands accurately and on time.

Direct mail connects. Not only does it provide reach and one-to-one communication, it’s also a multi-purpose and tangible item that can be shared and measured. Results can be shown and can track the impact that it has on your campaign.

  • 61% of consumers use direct mail to decide whether to visit a store or not
    (USPS, Mail Moment Consumer Research Report)
  • Two-thirds of consumers tend to keep their mail (DMA)
  • 63% of all mail is kept at least 2 days (USPS, Mail Moment Consumer Research Report)

Precise Delivery Timing Maximizes Results

We understand time is of the essence today more than ever before. With today’s accessibility to information we know delivery is a major factor in the success of any campaign. Our centralized location is critical to strategy and coupled with our detail oriented shipping and logistics teams we’re committed to first class delivery. We’re a USPS Alliance Partner and approved Mail Anywhere service provider featuring an in-house Postal Affairs Specialist. Our delivery solutions include a complete range of fulfillment services from assembly, custom kitting, demo & sales kits, pick & pack, warehousing and inventory management. So whether you want to enter your mail as deep into the postal stream as possible, down the street or drop ship across the country, we’re sure to have the right delivery solution.

USPS Alliance Partner:
Approved vendor status with the United States Postal Service maintaining a high level of products and services. Partnership affords us access to USPS direct mail solution specialists.

Mail Anywhere: USPS approved for participation in Mail Anywhere program as a result of meeting all Full-Service Requirements. Allows for maintaining of a single permit and centralized account to enter and pay for all mailings across the country. Local Permit Number or Company Imprint Indicia may be used at any postal location.

Postal Affairs Specialist:
Postal Customer Council Board Member holding Mailpiece Design Consultant (MDC) and Mailpiece Design Professional (MDP) certifications responsible for all mail related matters for our customers and Postal Affairs initiatives.

  • Thank you direct mail partners! We've had tremendous response to our mailing...donations and donors are up significantly! The quality and accuracy of the mailings are huge contributors. Thanks again!
  • Appreciate all your help with this last mailing project. It was a beast to say the least but I never worried about it getting done right because of you and your team. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • We greatly appreciate your patience and perseverance. You have been there and we value the way that you have stepped up!
  • Have I told you how much I LOVE working with AM Solutions?!?!? You guys are the best!!!
  • I would like to personally tell you how much we appreciate your honesty and integrity. It is not very often in business today that a company stands behind the product they produce.
  • I truly value the strong relationship we have with you and your staff at AM Solutions. As the project direct for the GA Survey, I'm always confident the printing & mailing parts of this effort will be handled smoothly, on-time, on budget and to high quality standards. That takes an enormous load off my plate. Thank you!