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Getting the Most out of Full Service

Getting the Most Out of Full Service from AM Solutions on Vimeo.

Learn Definitions and explanation of terms, various address hygiene options, move update compliance methods, ancillary service endorsement & returned mail messages, and traditional ACS & OneCode ACS. Plus hear how you can save money & help the environment using USPS Secure Destruction.




AIM Mail Tracking

AIM MailTracking from AM Solutions on Vimeo.

Enhance your next direct mail marketing campaign with AIM MailTracking.  Learn what mail tracking is, how it works and how it can help enhance your marketing campaign.  Learn the benefits of mail tracking and get the most from your direct mail and return on investment.  You’ll see reports and learn first-hand how to read them.  Find out how AIM MailTracking can benefit your next marketing campaign.



Full Service & Mail Anywhere

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Expand your Postal Knowledge with this webinar. Learn the basics, benefits and other information about the Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode and Mail Anywhere services.



Basics of Mail 

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Whether you need a refresher course or you’re a first-time learner, Basics of Mail will cover everything you need to know such as basic mail definitions, postage options, mail categories, weight conversion and more.

Leanne Herman, Executive Officer of the Milwaukee Postal Customer Council, will be our host and will walk us through the basics step by step so you feel more confident in the world of direct mail and postage.



AccuModel SnapShot : An Introduction to Descriptive Profile Technology 

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This presentation will increase your knowledge of AccuData’s SnapShot and it’s Value Proposition while introducing the utility of the program as a sales tool, reviewing profile process and much more.  Once you’ve gone through this webinar, you will have a working knowledge of AccuData!



Addressing for Success

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This webinar goes in depth into the addressing process. From the quality of the address and alternative methods to move updates and Address placement on the various items that get mailed; this webinar is sure to inform you of all the trends, methods and vocabulary surrounding Addressing.



Just Put it On My Tab 

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Touching on the basics of Tabbing, what a Folded Self-Mailer is, some discussion about Industry Changes and Flap and Fold tactics.