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Tangible Results with AMStudio

Credible data informs results; we know results are the driving force and measurement of your business. This data is used to gauge the success of your company. We’re pleased to offer AIMStudio; a suite of services optimized for targeted multiple touch communications. Our goal is to provide you with information and data designed to increase your ROI.

Within AIMStudio we offer AIMMailTracking, AIMTargeted E-mail and AIMConnect. The features of the suite include: mail tracking-first scan, last scan, delivery date, forwarded, returned and ACS, (Address Change Service) triggered e-mails, mass e-mail capabilities, open rates, text messaging, PURLs, GURLs, custom landing pages and additional options, complete with reports are available. Customized detailed reports provided with each solution.

At AM Solutions, it’s all about the results!