AM Solutions


Our History

A Tradition of Success

Our story began in 1993 with the creation of A.M. Mailing Services. The company consisted of working owners and a couple of employees as a lettershop. The focus was primarily on servicing the printing and publishing industries. In 1999 the company and its 15 employees moved into its newly completed building, the first tenant in the Edgerton Business Park.AM-Logo-K-MODIF

In 2003 we added our first press, although we really didn’t know what to do with it. That same year Eric Stein joined the company to run production. A year later, Fred Schulze joined the company to run the print department and add sales. In 2005 the company added its first Halm Jet Press (envelope press), forever changing the direction of the company.

There was a dramatic shift in our business model as we moved into digital imaging, with monochrome (black) imaging and the growth of personalized direct mail. Printing continued to grow and we saw a shift away from handling just addressing and inserting work with the addition or our Perfect Match Systems in 2008. By late 2010 we were offering e-mail marketing with the addition of our first full time marketing person.

Our story was just beginning as we added our first 4 color press, a second Halm Jet Press and digital color press over the next couple of years. Marketing expanded further to include mail tracking. By early 2014 we’d shifted our model away from traditional lettershop work to become a marketing services provider. Finally, in May of 2015 we rebranded to become AM Solutions.


As a USPS Alliance Partner, Full Service and Mail Anywhere certified company we felt it was important to add a Postal Affairs Specialist to manage postal concerns for our customers and coordinate Postal Affairs.


We’ve come a long way from our modest beginnings. We’re a major, Midwest marketing services provider with customers across the country. Some of our segments include, agencies, associations, charities, educational, fund raising, manufacturing, non-profits and retail. Today Eric Stein is Vice President Operations and Fred Schulze is Vice President Sales & Customer Care. Together with key team leaders they’re responsible for leading our 40+ employees and present and future partners into the next chapter of success.