Happily Ever After

Good customer service is something we recognize primarily when we don’t get it. We’ve come to expect and value a good customer service experience, and we are upset when an encounter doesn’t meet our expectations. A bad experience can turn us off on a store or organization, while brands and salespeople who execute service excellence
Do you receive Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) First Class Mail back from the USPS? Did you know that there is a much easier, more environmentally friendly and cost effective way to handle those pieces? With USPS BlueEarth Secure Destruction, the USPS will, for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, securely destroy your UAA First Class mail pieces, AND provide you with daily
I’m sitting in my office at my computer with two large screens, my tablet is open to our website, my smart phone is sitting next to my office phone and I’m playing music through a wireless Bluetooth speaker. I’m contemplating “what the future holds” for direct mail marketing? Some think we’re on the brink of
In a return to yesteryear, my family-my wife, our 17 year old son and his good friend traveled via car to Fort Walton Beach, Florida to spend Spring Break with my parents. When I was child, if we went anywhere for vacation we drove. Of course, I always had to write a paper on my
So, I find out when my mail delivers. That’s helpful information, but are there really enough benefits to make Mail Tracking worth the investment? Yes!  There are obvious benefits to mail tracking, like having proof important documents were mailed out and knowing whether or not you hit your target delivery window.  There is so much more we can do

USPS Rates to Decrease April 2016

  Didn’t USPS rates just increase in January? Yes, they did. But that was for a different group of products, and for a different reason.   The USPS has two groups of products – Market Dominant and Competitive: Market Dominant Products are those offered exclusively by the USPS.  No competitors offer equivalent products, so the USPS

The Key is Integration

  People often say the internet and social media have made direct mail obsolete. I couldn’t disagree more. A direct mail campaign that’s well designed, strategic and applied consistently will deliver results. A successful and effective marketing campaign is not possible without direct mail and online marketing working together.  It’s not just more media it’s
Think before you print…we’ve all seen it on email signatures and maybe we even use it on our own email signature. Everyone wants to be a good steward of our environment, right? I’m as big a tree hugger as the next person but let’s take a closer look. Forests are extremely important to the health
“Marketing that works…is about offering the right cookie to the right person at the right time… The result? Fewer wasted cookies. More repeat customers.” I didn’t say that, Ginger Conlon, Editor-in-Cheif for DIRECT MARKETING NEWS did.  I’m sure you’re asking yourself, what do cookies have to do with direct mail?   Direct mail works! It remains a

Fishing for Customers

When you think of marketing, your thoughts may turn toward television commercials, radio ads, print ads or maybe even billboards. While these methods may be good for reaching a large audience, your message is broad and lacks targeting. You’re casting a net into a large pond hoping to snag a few fish.  Maybe it’s time