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Direct Mail Marketing Success

Are you looking to grow your business, generate leads, increase membership or raise funds? Direct mail marketing is proven, cost effective and delivers the strongest ROI of any media. Cut through the clutter of TV, Radio and on line ads with one-to-one direct mail communication. Our direct mail solutions are designed to connect you with your customers and prospects.

Today almost 50% of all direct mail is personalized. Our data and print services integrate with our mail services to provide personalized direct mail solutions sure to get opened. Whether you have a postcard, letter, self-mailer or catalog our world class USPS certified customer care and production teams offer exceptional attention to detail and welcome the challenge of successfully delivering our partners’ unique, tangible package into your targets hands accurately and on time.

Direct mail connects. Not only does it provide reach and one-to-one communication, it’s also a multi-purpose and tangible item that can be shared and measured. Results can be shown and can track the impact that it has on your campaign.

  • 61% of consumers use direct mail to decide whether to visit a store or not
    (USPS, Mail Moment Consumer Research Report)
  • Two-thirds of consumers tend to keep their mail (DMA)
  • 63% of all mail is kept at least 2 days (USPS, Mail Moment Consumer Research Report)

Multi-purpose, Tangible and Easily Shared