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2017 National Postal Forum in Review

I always look forward to attending the National Postal Forum (NPF) with 4500+ of my closest friends. This year’s forum, themed “Make Informed Connections” was no exception. After spending 4 days in the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland, I can report the demise of direct mail is greatly exaggerated. Direct mail is very much alive! I continually […]

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National Postal Forum (NPF)

As I prepare to attend the Premier Mailing Industry Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, I thought I would provide a little background on the event. “2017 National Postal Forum, Make Informed Connections-Innovation-Opportunity-Success” is the headline for this year’s event. AM Solutions recently changed its tag-line to “when connections matter” The NPF is about making connections from […]

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Millennials & Direct Mail

The increase in digital channels has many marketers rethinking their strategies. Digital media has proven to be highly effective. However, that does not mean traditional marketing no longer works. When it comes to millennials, in fact, the opposite is true for direct mail! Many marketers believe millennials only to be interested in content that appears […]

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WCTC Drops Printing & Publishing

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported last week that Waukesha County Technical College is dropping its printing and publishing program, one of the largest programs of its kind.  The program, created in 1998, had a strong demand from employers; however, there were not enough interested students. Many companies in the printing industry faces challenges trying to […]

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AM Solutions Announced as Best of Category Award Winner

PRINTING EXCELLENCE IN THE TRI-STATE REGION RECOGNIZED AM Solutions Announced as Best of Category Award Winner in the 2017 Graphics Excellence Awards Pewaukee, WI – The Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) has announced that AM Solutions of Edgerton is an award winner in the 2017 Graphics Excellence Award competition. The Judging was conducted on March […]

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The Dashboard

In today’s connected world if you are doing any direct mail marketing you’ll probably find yourself asking what marketing is working. How do I know and why? You must provide your customers and prospects with multiple ways in which to respond from mobile, web, telephone, and mail. Understanding the results of your marketing efforts will […]

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My Resolution for You

I have a very simple New Year’s resolution for you this year, like everyone, I’m very busy and I keep forgetting to tell you. Resolve to do more marketing for your company or organization this year. That’s it-Easy, simple to execute! Choose an excellent attribute about your company or organization and tell people about it-Repeat, […]

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Isn’t All Mail Tracking the Same?

You really can’t guess how I’m going to Answer this one? The answer is, of course, no! Pretty much all of the major mail tracking providers today created their systems prior to 2010. Postal-wise they’re all very good. They all work with the same data from the Postal Service. The difference is ours is more […]

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Power Up an Integrated Campaign

Direct mail is an extremely important and effective component in any marketing or promotional plan. Combine it with digital or mobile marketing to create an effective integrated marketing campaign. The fact is direct mail can drive business as well, if not better than other forms of media if used properly. It’s important to define and […]

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Are You Voting?

  “Choosing the lesser of two evils . . . “ Many Americans are saying they can’t in good conscience vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Who’s the least bad? How are we supposed to be good citizens when both parties are offering what most of us believe to be awful candidates? Certainly […]

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